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Where to Find the Best BBQ in Katy, TX

Who has the best barbecue in Texas is an ongoing debate and a topic that can get pretty heated among meat lovers across the state and the nation, to be honest! While Texans can agree on our state having the best barbecue, we’re narrowing it down and looking at who has some of the best BBQ in Katy! That’s right, here’s a look at where you can get your fix on everything from brisket to ribs to pulled pork and jalapeno sausage! If your stomach is growling, get ready because this food-lovers journey is just beginning. Grab your fork, friends!

Midway Bar-B-Que

Almost every good barbecue place starts with a good, simple story. Midway Barbeque in Katy is no different. In the mid 90's, Herman Meyer realized his grocery store and deer processor customers had
nowhere to go for good BBQ in Katy. So, he did what any resourceful Texan would do and he opened a shack in front of his Midway Grocery Store and called in Midway BBQ. Times may change and this tiny grocery store and meat market have certainly grown, but perfectly smoked barbecue never changes. Today Midway BBQ offers a host of options, including a post oak smoked sliced brisket plate, pecan smoked sausage plate, along with a ham plate and a rib plate that will not disappoint. However, Midway BBQ also offers tacos, a Cuban sandwich made with slow smoked pork butt, and a brisket-loaded frito pie.

What’s that? You want to know what they offer for dessert that perfectly accompanies barbecue while also screaming Texas? That’s easy – their homemade Texas sheetcake in either chocolate or strawberry!

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

At Cooper’s, “It’s all about the meat!” This barbecue restaurant may be new-ish to Katy but Texans across the state have been dining on Cooper’s famous Hill Country-style barbeque since 1962. Long before they made it to Katy, Cooper’s was born in Llano, Texas. A longtime favorite for hunters and Hill Country visitors, Cooper’s is the original “served off the pit” style barbecue in the state of Texas.

Barbecue is a tradition in Texas and though they’ve ventured outside Llano they still cowboy cook their meat over live mesquite coals the same way they’ve done since the 60’s. A great place to grab one of their famous Big Chops or a juicy piece of turkey, Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in Katy offers families the ideal spot to dine at traditional picnic style seating, as well as a full bar and outdoor patio seating, while the kids play on the large lawn area. While there’s plenty of reasons to escape to the Hill Country, getting your favorite selection of meat from Cooper’s is no longer one of them – now, they’re right down the road in Katy!

Brett’s BBQ Shop

The Biggest, Little BBQ Shop in Texas, Brett’s BBQ in Katy may be newer to the area but what they lack in years they make up for in flavor. Don’t let being established in 2018 fool you, Brett learned a thing or two about barbecue while working at Louis Mueller Barbecue. Smoking meats low and slow over oak wood fire until perfectly tender is the name of the game here.

What does Brett’s offer? Texas-style smoked meats including brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, turkey breast, pulled pork and house-made beef sausage. As we all know, a good side never hurt anybody so be sure to add a helping of cilantro-jalapeno slaw to your order! Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to visit on a Saturday, get there early and enjoy their delectable pork belly burnt ends! To tease your tastebuds, learn about daily specials and to know when they’re sold out, follow Brett’s BBQ on Instagram. *Staring at photos may cause mouth to start watering.

Harris County Smokehouse

If you’re craving eggs with your brisket, Harris County Smokehouse in Katy is the place to go! This family understands it’s never too early to eat barbecue which is why they start serving at 7am and continue right on through to dinner! That’s right, you could start and end your day with perfectly smoked meats from Harris County Smokehouse. Harris County Smokehouse was started in 1998, and this family of restaurateurs had a passion for breakfast so you’ll find more than just barbecue here. You’ll find your diner breakfast favorites like french toast and breakfast tacos along with smoked sausage and eggs, served all day. However, if you’re craving a meat-packed lunch and dinner, they’ve got you covered. Sink your teeth into everything from brisket burgers to BBQ sandwiches and everything in between. Whether you’re a breakfast for breakfast only or a breakfast for dinner type person, Harris County Smokehouse is about to be your favorite new all-day spot to fill your belly.

Chuckwagon BBQ and Burgers

What could be better than just plain barbecue? Ok, to some barbecue purists, nothing. But, to those who love that little extra “oomph” how about a not-so-secret menu with items only the team at Chuckwagon BBQ and Burgers in Katy could dream up! What does this menu include? For starters, a Hot Cheeto Burrito stuffed with chopped brisket, mac and cheese, Hot Cheetos, cheddar cheese, and sriracha hot sauce all wrapped up in a flour tortilla! Did we also mention the Orange, Black and Blue Fries? Oh, you won’t want to miss these sweet potato fries tossed in cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with chopped brisket, cheddar cheese, blue cheese dressing, green onions, and bacon! Ok, now back to you purists! Chuckwagon offers a traditional meat selection of sliced or chopped brisket, pulled pork, sausage, jalapeno cheddar sausage, pork ribs, boudin, bone-in chicken, chicken breast, and turkey. You can have your choice of meat plates, sandwiches, by-the-pound, or on a salad!

But wait, Chuckwagon appeals to more than just barbecue traditionalists and adventurous meat lovers, they also offer Halal meats, meaning the beef is cooked separately from pork products and their smoker racks are cleaned and sanitized in between cooks and they use separate cutting boards and knives. From Halal to traditional barbecue to a spicy and smoky burrito, Chuckwagon BBQ and Burgers has something for everyone.

Red River Bar-B-Que and Grill

Nearly two decades in and Red River Bar-B-Que and Grill  continues to serve barbeque lovers across the Houston area. Starting in League City, brothers Kevin and Ric Kiersch built a restaurant business based on treating every diner like family. A menu packed with favorites like slow-smoked Texas barbecue, barbecue spuds, and sandwiches this restaurant appeals to the masses. While not liking barbecue may get you some strange looks in Texas, Red River offers a variety of food from burgers to seafood po’boys to fish and shrimp plates. And make sure you go hungry because you aren’t going to want to miss their delicious appetizers like Texas Hushpuppies made of brisket, barbecue sauce, and pepper jack cheese, battered and fried.

Red River Bar-B-Que is a local Katy spot where families with all different food preferences can go and find a tasty bite to eat. So bring the crew after a sporting event and head to Red River and while you’re there, be sure to grab a slice of pecan pie or a cookie brownie bar where you can have the best of both worlds!

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q and Country Store

If you’re familiar with Texas barbecue, you’re familiar with Rudy’s! If it feels like visiting Rudy’s BBQ is a bit like walking into a mixture of a country store, gas station, grocery store and barbecue restaurant – it’s because that’s how Rudy’s began! Dating back generations Rudy’s was a one-stop shop in small town Leon Springs, Texas, until BBQ was added and now it’s a stop for meat lovers across the Southwest.

Using pits that are 100% wood fired with oak, a slower burning wood than the mesquite used by others, accompanied with Rudy’s Bar-B-Q dry spice, you can bite into ribs, pork, and brisket that will taste exactly how you like it. You’ll also enjoy the no fuss atmosphere of Rudy’s where getting a plate of barbecue is as simple as walking in, hoppin’ in line, picking your meat and side and finding a table. The good news is, once you fall in love with Rudy’s Bar-B-Q in Katy you can rest easy knowing they have locations throughout Texas and as far west as Phoenix and as far east as Florida!

Dozier’s BBQ

If you’re willing to venture outside of Katy, Dozier’s BBQ in Fulshear is worth the extra few minutes. Using Mr. Dozier’s 50-year-old recipes, the pitmasters at Dozier’s have been offering up Texas-style barbecue and pecan smoked meats including brisket, pork ribs, chicken, sausage, bacon, and jerky since 1957. What’s the best time to eat barbeque? It’s always the right time which is why you won’t want to miss Sunday brunch at Dozier’s. Sit back on their new outdoor patio, breathe in the country air and know that the day’s toughest decision will be whether to order the Brisket on a Biscuit or Espresso-Rubbed Pork Ribs.

Heck, you may want to just skip the savory and dive right into the sweet with their Smoked Monkey Bread, a house-made twisted bread smoked with caramel sauce, pecans, bourbon-infused raisins, and topped with a bourbon caramel sauce. And because no breakfast is complete with bacon, add an order of the Presidential Bacon – bacon so good former President George H.W. Bush had it shipped to him at the White House!

As you can see, there are plenty of spots for families and meat lovers to enjoy mouthwatering barbecue in Katy. We believe you can never have too much barbecue, or eat it too often, so keep this list as a guide and when you find yourself craving a bite of the smoky goodness, head over to one of these incredible barbecue restaurants just down the road.


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