At Cane Island, we proudly support our Realtors!  After taking our special tour with the President of Rise Communities, each of these remarkable Realtors are now certified experts in our exceptional community. List updated as of Dec 2017.

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Jimmy Franklin, Re/Max Grand, [email protected], 2813472200

Vicki Gessler, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-492-0700

Janice Breau, JLA Realty, [email protected], 713-206-2708

Brenda Taquino, Keller Williams , [email protected], 713-825-8773

Andrew J. Franklin, Re/Max Grand - Franklin Team, [email protected], 281-460-9319

Tim Sojka, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 877-313-7355

Allwyn Pesek, Realty Pros of Texas, [email protected], 713-299-9217

Amy Lippincott, The Lippincott Team , [email protected], 832-392-8818

Angela Villafranco, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-646-1136

April Maestri, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-264-5419

Cynthia Berry, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-705-3047

Debbie Serfoss, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-923-9709

Georgia Strong, Strong Realty , [email protected], 832-455-6876

Fred Miller, Re/Max Grand, [email protected], 281-924-2531

Gbolahan Faluade, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-256-8304

Holly Ngo, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-598-9139

Jamie McMartin, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-961-5161

Jason Jurisprudencia, Imagine Realty International, [email protected], 281-636-8473

Karan Karapasha, Real Living, [email protected], 713-480-8080

Karen Woodworth, Better Homes , [email protected], 832-724-7717

Kunal Seth, Remax Fine Properties , [email protected], 832-543-3222

Luvy Bracken, Conerstone Real Estate, [email protected], 979-240-1149

Justin Wiggins, New Home Programs, [email protected], 832-794-8932

Monty Singh, Re/Max, [email protected], 832-434-6572

Nancy Castellvi, Re/Max Fine Properties, [email protected], 832-689-6623

Stacey Jospeh, Century 21 Western Realty, [email protected], 281-392-9272

Susan Becker, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-450-5670

Suzette Peoples, Peoples Properties, [email protected], 281-980-3322

Tamera Pendleton, Better Homes, [email protected], 281-579-7900

Veronica Mendoza, Veronica Mendoza Realty, [email protected], 713-299-9818

Shawn Jones, JLA Realty , [email protected], 281-770-4320

Jessica Giovanni, JLA Realty , [email protected], 713-240-1588

Aimee Weisner, The Lippincott Team , [email protected], 713-806-1634

Marcia Rohm, The Lippincott Team , [email protected], 281-543-6686

Shawn Ragsdale, The Lippincott Team , , 713-292-4399

Ofelia Lopez, Realm Realtors, [email protected], 832-878-0900

Allyse Chan, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-856-1889

Jo Burton, Champions , [email protected], 281-352-5241

Catina Thomas, Imagine Realty , [email protected], 832-992-8462

Sergio Santos, Realm Realtors, [email protected], 281-679-9979

Gayla Gayden, Re/Max, [email protected], 281-704-3673

Brian Clark Gayden, Re/Max, [email protected], 281-917-8302

David Monk, Re/Max, [email protected], 281-994-5730

Sandra Breeland, Re/Max, [email protected], 318-294-4257

Tyler A. Knowles, Re/Max, [email protected], 832-752-0427

Mike Spacek, Re/Max, [email protected], 832-606-8557

Dierra Harris, Re/Max, [email protected], 281-536-2615

Celci Logue, Re/Max , [email protected], 618-534-3871

Leann Koch, Zarco Realty, [email protected], 903-736-8005

John Arriaga, Zarco Realty, [email protected], 281-513-1919

Amanda Zamarripa, Zarco Realty, , 832-459-6686

Stacy Jones, Jones Team Realty, [email protected], 832-722-7731

Jackie Jones, Jones Team Realty, [email protected], 832-721-7731

Neema Charafeddine, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-866-8987

Rhonda Pohlman, Keller Williams, [email protected], 713-294-9691

Susan McClurg, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 832-334-7148

Kim Patrick, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-250-3410

Summer Neece, Realty Navigators, [email protected], 713-553-7229

Vene Gonzalez, Champion Real Estate, [email protected], 832-226-9189

Stephen Randel, Hub Homes, [email protected], 562-500-8407

Sarah Nezhad, Remax Grand, [email protected], 832-274-1329

Cheryl Smith, Lillian Jones Property, [email protected], 281-919-3447

Robert Irizarry, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 832-779-2497

J Gary McSwain, Realm Real Estate, [email protected], 281-467-4945

Steven Matzen, Remax, [email protected], 832-350-1600

Rosalba Chiquillo, Remax, , 281-798-7217

Javier Zambrano, Home Seekers, [email protected] , 832-455-5535

Mark Geodicke, Native Real Estate, [email protected], 512-317-7606

Sandra Alvarado, Remax, [email protected], 832-622-2473

Yvonnette McLean, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-692-6967

Debbie Smith, Debbie Smith Properties, [email protected], 832-444-6442

Neil Caldwell, Bernstein Realty, [email protected] , 832-608-0874

Bethany Kittle, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-449-2192

Damaris Putman, Realty Associates, [email protected], 281-900-6425

Amparo Santana, Realm Realty, [email protected], 832-704-8651

Sabrina Adolph, Champion Real Estate, [email protected], 713-550-0183

Yvette Salinas, Realm Realty, [email protected], 713-423-4288

Xingmei Diao, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-725-7183

Sandra R. Bell, Lillian Jones Property, [email protected], 713-828-0962

Sarah Franklin Savard, Re/Max Grand - Franklin Team, [email protected], 281-684-7620

Lynn Stewart, Re/Max Grand - Franklin Team, [email protected], 832-878-4467

Andy Gleason, Re/Max Grand - Franklin Team, [email protected], 713-253-0602

Brenda Blach, Re/Max Grand - Franklin Team, [email protected], 832-758-0977

Debbie Roobaert, Re/Max Grand - Franklin Team, [email protected], 281-703-3377

Sean Ellis, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 281-978-2188

Kizzy Dupree, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 910-527-3127

Cheryl Fletcher, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-389-8278

Bia Hyatt, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-535-5831

Rigo Villarreal, Dale Ross Realty, [email protected], 832-868-6981

Lisa Di Carlo, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-960-2025

Norma Masere, United Real Estate , [email protected], 832-715-9096

Heather Davis, HD Realty, [email protected], 832-443-0157

Julie Poelstra, Better Homes , [email protected], 832-263-2844

Doris Santos, Realm Realtors , [email protected], 281-598-5800

Melanie Dubendorff, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-657-3805

Mike Ho, Champions Realty, [email protected], 832-744-3235

Linda Ware, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-524-6357

Samantha Villarreal, Dale Ross Realty, [email protected], 832-630-6981

Sherri Putt, Better Homes , [email protected], 281-646-1136

Joseph Benes, Era Real Estate, N/a, 281-798-6017

Paul Archibald, Remax Grand, [email protected], 281-467-7511

Jose Lopez, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-212-2935

Laura Reyes, Realm Realtors, [email protected], 713-303-3990

Vivian Marlett, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-282-8212

Kandice Scheigert, Century 21 Western , [email protected], 281-433-6089

Elaine Strahan, Re/Max Katy, [email protected], 832-660-8400

Robbie Brooks, Century 21 Western , [email protected], 713-299-6444

Albertha Casimere, Wayne Murray, [email protected], 713-614-8291

Kristy Dorsett, Karpasha Realty, [email protected], 713-502-6590

Susan Jones, Century 21 Western , [email protected], 713-417-1814

Ed Dermody, Re/Max, [email protected], 713-582-5688

Shelley Cooley, Re/Max Grand, [email protected], 832-419-6039

Linda Beaver, Realm Realty, [email protected], 281-236-9748

Anna Warren, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-780-1843

Charmayne Lacewell, Better Homes, [email protected], 832-863-7481

Jay Prasad, Green Mountain Energy, [email protected], 832-725-8093

Diana Ayers, Ayers & Associates, [email protected], 713-598-1860

Antonio Duenez, Champions, [email protected], 281-250-1435

Christi Borden, Better Homes, [email protected], 832-368-5953

Jack Waters, Berkshire Hathaway, [email protected], 281-685-1141

Ignacio Osorio, Champions, [email protected], 713-355-2222

Joanna Sanchez Naponic, Joanne Naponic Properties, [email protected], 713-515-3805

Tammy Vandermeulem, Home Bridge, [email protected], 713-410-7600

Ethel O’Dell, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-677-4827

Luz Nancy Jones, Realm, [email protected], 713-397-9725

Carlixta Maleno, Realm Realty, [email protected], 281-513-7778

Iris Tadrous, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-935-6252

Richard Fulmer, KW Signature, [email protected], 713-376-1936

Priya Kurup, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-317-6509

Colleen Liposwky, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-413-4331

Mayada Bazargani, Keller Williams, [email protected], 713-702-2283

Florence Richardson, Realm Realty, [email protected], 713-249-7569

Sonit Seth, Remax, [email protected], 281-393-8686

Jesse Burton, Realm Realty, [email protected], 832-303-9895

Koi Woods, Blackstone, [email protected], 832-385-3497

Victoria Lopez, Alta Realty Company, [email protected], 281-658-7236

Antionette Ketchum, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-670-3083

Chase Sloan, Keller Williams, [email protected], 713-446-0291

Erica Rice, Nelle Tatum Real Estate, [email protected], 512-507-5729

Nakeitha Smith, Nelle Tatum Real Estate, [email protected], 832-343-5860

Diana Galicia, KW Signature, [email protected], 281-599-7600

Bill Cherne, Sugar land Homes, [email protected], 832-758-7930

Maria Landivar, Coldwell Banker Sugar Land, [email protected], 281-242-6200

Adriana Osorio, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 713-355-2222

Michael Brown, Keller Williams Metropolitan, [email protected], 713-598-1215

Ryan Lincoln, Keller Williams Memorial Realty, [email protected], 832-215-5799

Tisha Matticks, Manta Ray Enterprises Inc., [email protected], 281-578-8881

Nicholas Chambers, Keller Williams Metropolitan, [email protected], 832-877-1133

Chris Bell, Century 21, [email protected], 281-392-9272

Teri Baker, City Apartments , [email protected], 832-212-1955

Kristin Stone, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 713-865-0337

Fred Osborn, Heritage Texas Properties, [email protected], 281-794-9064

Nell Osborn, Heritage Texas Properties, [email protected], 281-794-9203

Mike Martin, Heritage Texas Properties, [email protected], 281-743-1631

Tasha Tran, Transtar Fine Properties, [email protected], 281-305-8737

Selina Ponniah, Century 21, [email protected], 281-352-4712

Ann Nguyen, Transtar Fine Properties, [email protected], 281-777-4422

Marilyn Arendt, Marilyn Arendt Properties, [email protected], 281-433-9113

Deborah David, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Green, [email protected], 281-814-8533

Kristi Holcomb, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Green, [email protected], 281-221-4980

Michelle Posey, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Green, [email protected], 713-504-0066

Ward Arendt, Marilyn Arendt Properties, [email protected], 281-433-0165

Karina Mazariegos, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 281-630-3500

Mark Mahaffey, Realty Navigators, [email protected], 281-469-4700

Barbara Mahaffey, Realty Navigators, [email protected], 713-553-7227

Kristin Janossy, Keller Williams Top Mark Realty , [email protected], 713-384-8096

Denise Crawford, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-589-5211

Linda Guerrero, Coldwell Banker Sugar Land, [email protected], 713-885-7314

Norma Lewis, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-229-4900

Brandon Scott, Berkshire Hathaway, [email protected], 832-491-4955

Gustavo Jimenez, Great Homes Real Estate, [email protected], 832-620-9441

Richelle Henderson, 4C Better Living, [email protected], 832-378-7766

Rachel Dunham, Keys & Capital Global Realty, [email protected], 832-216-8524

Martha Villafane, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 832-620-9755

Luis Carreron, Walzel Properties, [email protected], 832-860-1033

JC Torres, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-570-7747

Blaine Cruse, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-542-2096

Magda Mihut, Keller Williams Signature Realty, [email protected], 713-502-1127

Fabiola Llaguno, Keller WilliamsTop Mark Realty , [email protected], 832-744-7191

Damond C. Stewart, Sonnet Properties, [email protected], 832-446-2022

Evelyn Cotto Cuende, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 281-891-9890

Mallori Ramey, Superior Farm and Ranch LLC, [email protected], 713-503-6247

Kerry Ogrodowicz, Superior Town & Country Realty, [email protected], 281-796-4123

Terry Ely, Realm-Cinco, [email protected],

Robert V. Rosado, New Home Programs, [email protected], 713-885-5678

Gary P Lee, Keller Williams Siganture, [email protected], 832-287-4778

Tina Chovanetz, Keller Williams Siganture, [email protected], 281-665-0020

Kathy Mandagelo, RE/MAX, [email protected], 281-579-7900

Mirna Mendez, Texas International Realty, [email protected], 832-475-8072

Dianna McBee, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 281-935-2159

Bob Patton, RE/MAX Westside, [email protected], 832-655-3607

Carey Cappis, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-948-9815

Amy Frankhauser, KW Premier, [email protected], 832-639-3411

Noel Yeppez, Keller Williams Realty, [email protected], 832-687-6910

Mickie Cioccia, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 281-717-4412

Michelle Rank, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 832-525-8138

Mae Johnson, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 832-868-8646

Jonathan McNabb, Re/Max Grand , [email protected], 713-730-5050

Sherry McNabb, Re/Max Grand , [email protected], 713-632-4276

Lisa Longoria, Keller Williams Siganture, [email protected], 832-312-1121

Cindy Wingo, Berkshire Hathaway, [email protected], 713-927-4910

Mary Grimaldo, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-414-4901

Jim Burdette, Berkshire Hathaway, [email protected], 281-240-4663

Angela Skrivanek, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 832-483-2828

Julie Knowles, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 832-816-0029

Geoff Hyatt, Superior Town & Country Realty, [email protected], 979-575-1121

Samantha Plomer, Weichert Realtors , [email protected], 281-757-6865

Nikki Golyer, Woodway Realty , [email protected], 832-622-3149

Jenn Hawkins, Keller Williams, [email protected], 979-533-3737

Roxana Cubias, Keller Williams Southwest, [email protected], 832-314-2540

Norma Gonzalez, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-603-2983

Ani Aivazian, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 713-962-3041

Erik Aivazian, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 713-962-3041

Tina Yeriazarian, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-923-2658

Tracey Riley, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, [email protected] , 832-515-1443

Scotty Roper, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 832-586-5550

Laura Hughes, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 713-851-6315

Lori Sojka, See Tim Sell, [email protected], 713-822-3913

Arpine Breaux, See Tim Sell, [email protected], 281-220-2112

Kay Shea, Georgia Strong Realty Group, [email protected], 713-252-7078

Jennifer Stence, Georgia Strong Realty Group, [email protected], 713-515-5284

Richard Durham, Georgia Strong Realty Group, [email protected], 832-799-4889

Vilma M. Fernandez, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 713-291-9808

Joe Navon, Broker, [email protected], 281-891-5902

Tinya Bassett, Realty Associates, [email protected], 281-799-0383

Lily Roman, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-240-9125

Dee Johnson, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-228-7986

Amy Hawkins, Re/Max, [email protected], 281-451-6452

Kathie Lauhoff, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-562-8502

Ariana Valdivia, See Tim Sell , [email protected], 832-444-1222

Scott Johnson, The Lippincott Team , [email protected], 832-349-8376

Niru Singhal, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-819-3993

Ana Remperas, Keller Williams , , 713-298-3122

Helen Hu, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-269-7726

Victoria-Gray McDaniel, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-728-0007

Linda Burnett, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-435-2970

June Lei, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-520-8778

Ola LeMelle, Realty One , [email protected], 832-472-3560

Roy V. LeMelle, Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-491-6114

Rick Jones, Better Homes, [email protected], 281-467-6076

Chad Allen, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-900-0719

Nikesha Randell, Better Homes, [email protected], 832-971-0888

Kimberly A. Ehrlund, Realm, [email protected], 281-236-8491

Lusell Mata, Realty Associates, [email protected], 281-515-8572

Bob Miles, Better Homes, [email protected], 281-797-1600

Lindsay Hommel, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-493-0044

Giselle Espana, Keller Williams , [email protected], 713-530-4658

Cindy Vasquez Schroeder, Realty Associates, [email protected], 281-935-0429

Linda Jordan, Keller Williams , [email protected], 713-826-5145

Nina Castro, Keller Williams Premier , , 281-220-2100

Kimberly Barnes, Sapphire Realty, [email protected], 832-731-9370

Verna Koleosho-Johnson, , [email protected], 281-658-7012

Nancy Garcia, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected],

Gayle Parker, Era Benes Realty, [email protected], 832-722-5043

John Paul Newson, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-512-9885

Marty Miller, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 281-224-7934

Hannah Martin, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 713-851-4427

Alisha Saxon, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 832-875-1021

Shawna Hobbs, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 210-291-4792

Natalia Jorden, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 832-465-0889

Linda Shafie, Keller Williams ,, 734-776-3470

Stephanie Valdez, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 832-715-3419

Denise Kingham, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 877-351-7355

Megan Billings, Keller Williams Premier - See Tim Sell , [email protected], 713-408-7885

Kyle Strong, Georgia Strong Realty, [email protected], 8324330092

Sue Feng, Realty Associates , [email protected], 832-570-0283

Brenda Hall, Mickie C and Company Realty, [email protected], 281-717-4412

Joann Russell, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-560-2332

Brenda Duane, Weichert Realtors , [email protected], 713-292-7838

Marla Van Overbeke, Weichert Realtors , [email protected], 713-291-1441

Maryam Marcelene Yaqoob, Realm Real Estate Professionals, , 713-444-4848

Karla Coleman, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-687-7610

Brenda Harper, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-465-6175

Shannon O’Connor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, [email protected], 832-741-1175

Joan McCall, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, [email protected], 713-401-4363

David Rozier, Keller Williams Realty Katy, [email protected], 281-395-0680

Elizabeth Rozier, Keller Williams Realty Katy, [email protected], 281-395-0680

Barbara Rozier, Keller Williams Realty Katy, [email protected], 281-395-0680

Lily Carreon, Keller Williams , [email protected], 972-332-5201

Julissa Herandez, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-225-6014

Teju Alimi, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-797-3763

Joan Russell, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-560-2332

Karla Miller, B, [email protected], 281-224-8042

Felicia Harmon, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-760-5633

Cindy Daugherty, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-646-1136

Lisa Miles, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-799-1214

Kandice Fogle, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-818-2386

Shareece Dumont, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-298-1210

Linda Leiby, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-610-8644

Polly Royer, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-594-4734

Savanna Stanford, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-796-0994

Nathalia De La Torre, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-606-1215

Betsy Ross, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-678-4596

Karen Woodworth, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-724-7717

Don David, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 361-218-9660

Arlette Cotton, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-772-8479

Julie Lower, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-443-3777

Dayla Thompson, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-515-7270

Terri Gibson, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-923-4298

Elsa Lakey, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-989-5229

Elsa Lakey, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-989-5229

Mary B. Wells, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-979-7337

Melody Vail, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-750-9118

Deborah David, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-814-8533

Meredith Guarino, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-646-1136

Callie Smith, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-434-7588

Hollye Noce, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 251-751-9049

Maria Carvalho, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-757-5662

Eirin Ekeberg, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-630-7657

Larry Littlejohn, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-628-1154

Deanna Wygal, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-910-8118

Karen Baston-Clements, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 866-624-6446

Tobin Wright, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-638-3266

Evy Elston, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-419-6862

Brittany Bands, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-331-4435

David Weaver, Keller Williams , [email protected], 818-913-6540

Joy Hilado Sheikh, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-713-7070

Sarah Detmore, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-586-6715

Sheena Tran, Keller Williams ,, 713-560-0568

Laura McGowan, Keller Williams , [email protected], 214-552-1160

Charity Botz, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-661-8017

Jackie Follett, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-403-2247

Randy Olive, Keller Williams , [email protected], 713-876-1062

Ashley Reaves, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-639-4587

Kristina Nguyen, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-638-7882

Jennifer Holloway, Keller Williams , [email protected], 662-418-6166

Kelly Battenfield, Keller Williams , [email protected], 713-446-0961

Debra Skees, New Home Programs, [email protected], 281-923-6584

Donna Richey, New Home Programs, [email protected], 713-899-1349

Jude Williams, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-252-5754

Dory Gordon, Register Real Estate Advisors, [email protected], 281-288-3500

Michelle Kovach, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 832-920-4979

Brad Kovach, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 832-920-4819

Cecilia Milner, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-350-6043

Dionne Burnley, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 713-594-3453

Tom Hubble, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 281-599-7600

Theresa Fehr, Amerisource Realty , [email protected], 832-236-4423

Patrick Wilson, Citiwide Alliance Realty, [email protected], 281-584-6067

Jonathan Hodges, Realty Fuse , [email protected], 281-509-1345

Kelly Reynolds, Winhill Advisors Real Estate, [email protected], 713-875-5998

Blanka Ybarbo, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 713-291-3871

Stacy Adkins, Re/Max Signature , [email protected], 713-560-6521

Terri Kubala, Re/Max Cinco, [email protected], 713-584-8402

Dan Goon, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-830-5119

Denise Yonemoto, eXp Realty, [email protected], 832-561-4490

Jeremy Collins, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-854-5875

Desi Gallow, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-508-2526

Loretta Evans, Re/Max Cinco, [email protected], 281-702-0209

Bill Evans, Re/Max Cinco, , 281-705-0582

Marion Harris, Re/Max Cinco, [email protected], 281-798-2613

Pamela Senegal, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 281-772-7812

Tricia Turner, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-563-0916

Valaree Carter, Berkshire Hathaway, [email protected], 713-851-1302

Kisha Johnson, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 704-488-2079

Karen Hernandez, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 713-839-6969

Gaye Hale, Weichert Realtors , [email protected], 432-296-9507

Linda Lively, Weichert Realtors , [email protected], 713-594-5430

Gregory Post, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-392-9272

Isabel Trainer, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 713-628-2348

Joe Gremillion, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-551-7365

Tariq Malik, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-830-3579

Elvin Chaney, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-451-0504

Chastity McCollum, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-428-2984

Mariela Guilarte, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-421-6118

Nelson Rubio, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 713-553-6323

Doris Hernandez, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-542-2412

Carolina Marin, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 713-992-6757

Gloria Acosta, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-392-9272

Rachel Kline, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 928-257-6758

Karen Hernandez, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 862-215-8297

Blake House, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-567-9077

Sandra Moore, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 907-942-3177

Danielle Kirkland, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-609-5753

Brian Hill, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-428-1063

Renee Daaboul, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-395-9186

Vanessa Littler, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-969-9472

Lisseth Deleon, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 713-545-1515

Kristen Vasquez, [email protected], 832-423-0853,

Matt Freeman, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 713-373-7471

Erica Post Rogers, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-712-7572

Azeema Rehman, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-989-1117

Bob Kory, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 713-858-4446

Katie Sharp, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-520-5586

Kenneth Sharp, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 979-236-5254

David Hines, Realty Fuse, [email protected], 832-256-5533

Tariq Samee, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-962-7962

Denise Kuehl, New Home Programs, [email protected], 936-203-6981

Karen Perez, New Home Programs, [email protected], 361-920-3664

Jackie Castillo, Champions Real Estate , [email protected], 281-615-5900

Tremell Johnson, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-906-1522

Zina Broussard, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-282-7653

Monica Arriaga, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-661-2234

Violet Hillmon, Coldwell Banker United Realtor, [email protected], 832-877-0417

Hongjun Julia Zhu, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 832-859-9923

Adela Ascencio, Realty Associates , [email protected], 832-292-6510

Alesa Byrd-Joulevette, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-865-0005

Karen Cook, Equicap ,, 832-443-3642

Dwight “Shotgun” Cook, Equicap , [email protected], 832-443-3132

Maria Parra, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-543-2547

Denise Hackbarth, Walzel Properties, [email protected], 832-289-3226

Jamie Kastens, Keller Williams Southwest, [email protected], 832-444-6676

Krystal McKinnie, McKinnie Realty , [email protected], 832-245-3547

Alexia Thornton-Moore, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-563-1346

Taylor Berry, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-492-0877

Lisa Wollney, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 281-725-2739

Jackie Kim, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-951-2428

Paul Stephan, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-248-4776

Bob Pollard, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 281-220-2102

Tina Schneiderman, Houston Prime Realty, [email protected], 832-647-2830

Nathan McMartin, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-961-5151

Shannon Thomas, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-686-8745

Stacy Wood, Corporate Relocation Inc., [email protected] , 713-504-2059

Sam Carratala, Re/Max Westside, [email protected], 281-781-6969

Tricia Carratala, Re/Max Westside, [email protected], 832-428-1572

Tara Anderson, Redfin, [email protected], 281-221-0706

Lee Rusk, Redfin , [email protected], 832-409-9227

Christopher Johns, Redfin, [email protected], 713-702-2256

Angela Pipes, Redfin , [email protected], 713-269-7448

Grayson Bannister, Redfin , [email protected], 713-295-1074

Tim Royster, Redfin , [email protected], 832-551-6654

Lance Hightower, Re/Max Experience, [email protected], 832-722-7442

Emily Adams, Re/Max Experience, [email protected],

Julie Fueling, Re/Max Experience, [email protected], 713-818-2404

June Castronovo, Re/Max Experience, [email protected], 210-452-7972

Sherry Hamm, Re/Max Experience, [email protected], 281-794-4373

Dixie Hightower, Re/Max Experience, [email protected], 832-722-7443

Terra Jo Rhodes, KW Premier , [email protected], 254-592-6369

Caitlin Geer, KW Premier , [email protected], 713-319-4252

Terri Acker, KW Premier , [email protected], 469-569-9449

Amy Reese, KW Premier , [email protected], 832-792-3868

Jeannine Alejandro, KW Premier , [email protected], 832-640-4370

Ranu Gupta, KW Premier , [email protected], 281-769-8567

Sonia Peyrano, KW Premier , [email protected], 432-594-8222

Pablo Baeza III, RE/Max Top Realty, [email protected], 346-213-0175

Katrina Smith, KW Signature, [email protected], 832-452-9045

Pam Dolan, KW Signature, [email protected], 281-507-6518

Hayes Stephen, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 832-808-6610

Vanessa Murillo, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 210-324-7391

Jason Huynh, Keller Williams Signature, [email protected], 281-919-5685

Gina G. Arriondo, Keller Williams Signature, [email protected], 281-702-9200

W. Raul Arriondo, Keller Williams Signature , [email protected], 281-948-3553

Treva Christoffer, Express Realty , [email protected], 832-567-6937

Tina Randolph, , , 832-724-8629

Carlos Brito, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 713-409-1448

Yolando Fontenot, Champions Real Estate Group, , 832-723-9922

Gracie Walton, Real Estate Brokers of Texas, [email protected], 832-978-3907

Ernest Chang, RE/Max Inner Loop, [email protected], 832-819-2207

Maria PughCarranza, Realty Group, [email protected], 832-689-5684

Mary Parker, Real Estate Brokers of Texas, [email protected], 713-249-2318

Amy Townsend, , [email protected], 832-797-1083

Kat Bagley, Sky Real Estate, [email protected], 713-553-1559

Dee Mayo, Sky Real Estate , [email protected], 832-289-9362

Tiffany Markovsky, Sky Real Estate, [email protected], 832-573-5727

Nice Dikibo, JLA Real Estate, [email protected], 832-860-8064

Danny King, JLA Real Estate, [email protected], 832-643-5755

Anya Lowe, RE/Max Inner Loop, [email protected], 832-844-1130

Margaret Ajadi, JLA Realty , [email protected], 832-573-3382

Kirsten San Agustin, Catherine Conde Properties , [email protected], 281-520-0132

Patti Lacy, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 713-859-5995

Johnnie Spaine, JLA Realty , [email protected], 713-516-7842

Venessa James, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-889-8292

Delia Peters, JLA Realty , [email protected], 318-799-8090

Arini Sutrisno, JLA Realty , [email protected], 818-279-3121

Karen Roth, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-865-6692

Daniel Salce, The Rothchild Team , [email protected], 832-368-6527

Bobby Bolin, Vantage Real Estate Company , [email protected], 512-568-1500

Melissa Marshall, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-386-9772

Jamee Rodriguez, Realm Realty , [email protected] , 781-521-5781

Jennifer Hansen, Keller Williams , [email protected], 281-704-9874

Sidney Wong, JLA Realty , [email protected], 281-323-9388

Yolanda Fisher, Re/Max, [email protected], 504-270-4314

Fern Poyser, Virtue Realty , [email protected], 281-989-6000

Violet Gonzalez, Century 21 Olympian, [email protected], 713-570-6906

Jenny Schneider, Fine Living Group, Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-247-1402

Chester Tucker, , [email protected], 281-835-4249

Mary Kiesewetter, Better Homes and Gardens, Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-492-5938

Ademir Mujo, Century 21 Olympian, [email protected], 832-475-1850

Rosie Arya, Realm Realty , [email protected], 713-494-3966

Pam Boyd, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-726-7048

Donna Owens, KW Premier, [email protected], 713-417-8224

Eileen Hofbauer, Coldwell Banker United Realtors, [email protected], 832-472-4232

Chris Hallman, Coldwell Banker United Realtors, [email protected], 832-799-3939

Eddie Kuang, RE/Max United, [email protected], 832-968-5029

Terry Parisi, Coldwell Banker United Realtors, [email protected], 713-582-1387

Anita Alvarado, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-704-9444

Marcelo Zubieta, KW Premier , [email protected], 281-216-2644

Sally Collier, KW Premier , [email protected], 832-453-1773

Erin Sink, Keller Williams , [email protected], 832-655-5445

Barbara Kobza, KW Premier , [email protected], 832-215-7533

Diana Brenham, BH&G, Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-259-3881

Debbie Spence, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-654-5004

Cindy Price, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 713-320-7552

Shireen Hannan, Keller William Premier, [email protected], 713-261-9224

Todd Mann, Mann Group Properties, [email protected], 832-392-5589

Tia Meadors, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-687-7455

Tia Meadors, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 832-687-7455

Shikha Khatri, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 513-374-6439

Misty Gonzalez, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 281-725-4656

Kristin Stone, Keller Williams Premier , [email protected], 713-865-0337

Annette Smith, Mann Group Properties, [email protected], 281-686-4873

Sheila Collins, Re/Max Collection , [email protected], 713-289-4908

Ron Jenkins, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-642-6925

Stacey Mai, Keller Williams Metropolitan , [email protected], 832-744-4084

Lilly Loredo, Carnan Properties , [email protected], 281-236-6924

Ryan King, Realty Associates , [email protected], 281-435-0688

Rose Blackwood-Blair, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-886-6981

Jessica Montes, Keller Williams , , 832-563-8334

Denise Montoya, Texas International Realty , [email protected], 281-616-7656

Mira Mendez, Texas International Realty , [email protected], 832-475-8072

Gloria Rademaker, Texas International Realty , [email protected], 713-397-6633

Vivana Garcia, Texas International Realty , [email protected], 832-265-9367

Austin Nguyen, Smith Real Estate Group , [email protected], 713-277-8012

Anjetta King, Texas United Realty , [email protected], 832-348-6928

Mario Frosinini, Keller Williams Metropolitan , [email protected], 713-205-1338

Patricia Lozada, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-739-8246

Jennifer Chacon, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-368-3387

Amber Griffin, Coldwell Bankers United, [email protected], 281-352-5222

Julian Vasquez, Legacy Mutual Mortgage, [email protected], 713-579-3600

Helen Greenberg, Allied Home Warranty, [email protected], 866-791-1200

Diep Tran, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-398-3645

Blain Willier, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 970-250-2963

Michael Lemke, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 832-392-6896

Dollie Hollingsworth, realm , [email protected], 713-899-2168

Gary Phillips, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-748-8635

Barbara Jones, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-989-1029

Greg Sanders, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-221-9190

Rubeena “Mona” Aggarwal, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-857-7361

Ricardo Carrizales, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-701-8749

Patti Richardson, Real Estate Group LLC, [email protected], 936-240-0800

Art Valdez, World Wide Realty , [email protected], 832-606-0589

Hope Boyce, Coldwell Banker United Realtors, [email protected], 281-380-4257

Louie Speedy, KWSouthwest, [email protected], 713-303-0173

Javier Zambrano, World Wide Realty , [email protected], 832-455-5535

Irma Higuera, Billie Toland Properties , [email protected], 281-923-5931

Brenda Velasco, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 832-314-1917

LaShun Washington, Realm Realty , [email protected], 832-372-5252

Maria Porter, Century 21 Western Realty , [email protected], 281-770-1519

Raul “Roy” Castillo, Texas Home Group , [email protected], 281-630-5051

Helen deGeurin, DeGeurin Realty, Inc., [email protected], 713-823-6624

Umber Farooki, Realm Realty , [email protected], 832-497-6527

Martha Laird, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 832-541-6380

Dianne DeGeurin Silva, DeGeurin Realty, Inc., [email protected], 713-823-6635

Rodrick Waddle, KW Premier , [email protected], 832-741-0734

Loyd L Henderson, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-639-1497

Ingrid Watt Gray, Realm Realty , [email protected], 832-525-0062

Debra Nouhra, CNA Properties , [email protected], 281-704-8386

Armin Pouran, KW Memorial , [email protected], 713-836-1155

Marcio von Randow Vieria, Realm Realty , [email protected], 832-287-8513

Yucelis Wentland, Realm Realty , [email protected], 832-202-5230

Raul Villalobos, Re/Max Grand , [email protected], 281-831-6989

Katrina Uchendu, RE/Max, [email protected], 832-235-4026

Geralda Botnick, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 818-633-0687

Tammela McGuire Walker, JMR & Associates, [email protected], 281-508-1987

Monica Vieria, KW Metropolitan , [email protected], 832-606-3174

Nicky DeBuck, Keller Williams , [email protected], 713-775-6930

Barbara Parish, Realm Realty , [email protected], 281-615-4198

Jasmine Carr, Kingdom Realty , [email protected], 210-316-8130

Vince Matassa, Karapasha Realty, [email protected], 630-877-6530

Shelley Einarsson, RE/Max, [email protected], 281-787-1778

Sergio Hidalgo, United Real Estate, [email protected], 832-582-9296

Kristyn Morrow, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 512-431-7017

Evelin Larios, City Group Properties, [email protected], 832-885-0375

Jamie Ramos, Next Home Realty Center, [email protected], 832-428-2160

Claudia Cooper, City Group Properties, [email protected], 832-207-1083

Maria Mostafa, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-773-4555

Alma E Gonzalez, Re/Max, [email protected], 281-781-6964

Albert Tapia, Champions Real Estate Group, , 832-885-4741

Krystal McKinnie, Broker Associate, [email protected], 832-245-3547

Nick Cubbler, Keller Williams Memorial Realty, [email protected], 917-658-6614

Chandra Solite, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 281-904-5492

Cyrenian Scott, Brooks and Davis Real Estate, [email protected], 832-421-2855

Yvette Perez, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 281-690-1071

Patricia Kurth, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-724-5504

Demetria Guidry, Keller Williams Signature Realty, [email protected], 713-826-5779

Ayesha Khan, JLA Realty, [email protected], 713-885-7502

Robert Moore, Keller Williams Signature Realty, [email protected], 832-687-8573

Julie Bennetsen, JLA Realty, [email protected], 281-961-2075

Adriana Calderon, Champion Real Estate Group, [email protected], 832-704-6821

Fredy Benitez, Keller Williams Signature Realty, [email protected], 832-703-7400

Teresita Enriquez, Keller Williams Signature Realty, [email protected], 281-780-4104

Jason Hassialis, Keller Williams Signature Realty, [email protected], 713-299-8087

Irasi Jimenez, Texas International Realty, [email protected], 832-359-1548

Jennifer Clark, Prestige Properties, [email protected], 832-221-1839

Eriko Ishii, Annoura Realty Group, [email protected], 713-702-9011

Gloria Rademaker, Texas International Realty, [email protected], 713-397-6633

Tai Dinh, Precious Realty Mortgage, [email protected], 713-637-9259

Meera Ajodha, Exceed Realty, [email protected], 713-367-1844

Bradley Mitten, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 281-777-2100

Nikkie Bunyaraksh, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 281-777-2100

Marianne Ryan, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-428-0137

Susan Schroder, Heritage Texas Properties, [email protected], 281-203-9880

Candace Fendley-Ramos, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-797-4336

Sandra Billings, Billings Real Estate Group Inc., [email protected], 281-701-1085

Ron Litzler, Fanning Realty, [email protected], 713-932-9497

Cameron Foster, Nexus One Properties, [email protected], 713-465-1611

Cheryl Russ-Nelson, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, [email protected], 281-382-0378

Beverly Helms, ReMax, [email protected], 281-757-0881

Andrew Chong, Nexus One Properties, [email protected], 832-788-7235

Paul Grabanski, Energy REalty, [email protected], 713-385-1196

Chris Salinas, Nexus One Properties, [email protected], 757-275-6249

Sumera Ahmad, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-563-5095

Diego Huerta, Exceed Realty, [email protected], 832-515-3810

Marielena Molina, JLA Realty, [email protected], 713-584-5050

Elsa Lakey, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-492-5931

Sheila Joplin, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-236-4555

Angela Mercadel, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 281-224-9554

Alice Chen, World Wide, [email protected], 281-701-3250

Alisha Burton, Nexus One Properties, [email protected], 832-766-0909

Shannon Meyer, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 281-865-6172

Nicole Keith, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 713-829-9298

Sheila Ochsner, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-220-2100

Holly Robideau, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 281-543-4252

Krystal Johnston, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 832-566-3555

Cheryl McClamrock, City Group, [email protected], 832-878-5941

Don Stephens, City Group, [email protected], 832-472-3735

Miles McKellar, City Group, [email protected], 832-816-9026

Andrew Aldridge, ReMax, [email protected], 832-362-8506

Jag Baichan, Keller Williams Signature, [email protected], 832-588-4708

Fran Dahl, DTP Realty, [email protected], 713-819-4174

Christopher Dahl, DTP Realty, [email protected], 713-253-6428

Rachael Dahl, DTP Realty, [email protected], 281-658-3840

Ed T. Sulit, Hans-Christian Realty, [email protected], 713-398-9321

Ryan A. Sulit, Hans-Christian Realty & Associates, [email protected], 832-687-8642

Johnnie Bailey, United Real Estate, [email protected], 832-693-6932

Katelyn Bly, United Real Estate, [email protected],

Brittany Brands, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-331-4435

Stacy Burgin, Terra Point Realty, [email protected], 713-409-7698

Kim Cao, R. Alexa Real Estate Group, [email protected], 713-367-2650

Debbie Drake, Realm Real Estate, [email protected], 832-971-6683

Dwight Johnson, D-One Realty & Inspections, [email protected], 713-417-1789

Jeng Liang, T.R.E.W. Texas Realty World, [email protected], 281-265-3797

Bridgette Barber, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 832-754-3435

Joyce DeAngelis-Eisenberg, Tricia Turner Properties, [email protected], 713-376-0048

Guillermo Gomez, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 832-489-3715

Sally Tugmon, Engel & Volkers, [email protected], 832-423-7356

Nancy Robbins, Texas Home Group, [email protected], 832-326-6515

Kimberly Broussard, JLA Realty, [email protected], 337-277-9172

Lisa Wright, The Wright Real Estate Group, [email protected], 832-275-5739

Mechelle Hernandez, Realm Real Estate, [email protected], 713-449-5469

Lynn Marsack, KW Premier, [email protected], 281-796-3798

Christie Lessard, KW Premier, [email protected], 832-993-5597

Mike McLin, Heritage Properties, [email protected], 281-935-9497

Mahesh Patel, Texas Gold Realty, [email protected], 713-992-9776

John Pinto, Texas Gold Realty, [email protected], 713-377-0350

Michael Baker, Texas Gold Realty, [email protected], 832-808-0098

Anh Dang, Realty Associates, [email protected], 832-347-2837

Ty Loyd, Empire Industries, [email protected], 713-409-8265

Brenda Portis, Realm Realty, [email protected], 713-478-0828

Liliana Lagou, AmeriChoice Realty, [email protected], 281-830-5839

Brian Ladewig, Fanning Realty, [email protected], 832-875-0508

Konstantina Lagou, AmeriChoice Realty, [email protected], 713-265-7603

Bridgette Richards, Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene, [email protected], 713-851-4381

Skii Thomas, Keller Williams Metropolitan, [email protected], 312-543-9928

John Cooper, Nexus One Properties, [email protected], 713-213-0559

Steve Montgomery, KW Premier, [email protected], 281-387-6913

Kiki Kuhawa, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 832-863-6663

Shannon Yang, , [email protected],

Tanya Warner, Tanya Warner Realty, [email protected], 281-736-9387

Irene Leal, Nexus One, [email protected], 832-247-6541

Sherry Glazener, Weichert Realtors, [email protected], 713-628-9205

Rita Hartfield, Lois Malone Realty, [email protected], 281-894-7323

Monica Avila, Re/Max Grand, [email protected], 281-658-5723

Monica Quijano, ReMax, [email protected], 281-813-9109

Maria Jiminez, Re/Max, [email protected], 832-630-6903

Helga Lozano, ReMax, [email protected], 281-994-5700

Carmen Arriola, ReMax, [email protected], 832-875-8010

Maria Jimenez, ReMax, [email protected], 832-630-6903

Eneida Adrianza, ReMax, [email protected], 281-782-0354

Leticia Yee, ReMax, [email protected], 832-372-0546

Monica Avila, ReMax, [email protected], 281-658-5723

Lorraine Motl, Clatyon/Nash, [email protected], 832-754-2315

Susan Hutson, Huston Property Group, [email protected], 713-294-1686

Cynthia Wiles, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-546-2556

Ghias Akran, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-392-9191

Yaneth Zaragosa, ReMax, [email protected], 281-224-6191

Nikki Koteras, ReMax, [email protected], 281-704-0446

Victor C. Boyd III, Bernstein Realty, [email protected], 713-775-0016

Shilo de Armas, Re/Max Fine Properties, [email protected], 832-692-5613

Josalyn J. Cano, Tammy Bateman Properties, [email protected], 832-613-8743

Denise Bennett-Freeman, Century 21 Western Realty, [email protected], 713-397-5413

Elida C. Aguayo, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-540-1058

Lois de Armas, Re/Max Fine Properties, [email protected], 281-660-7900

Monica Arriaga, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-661-2234

Yasir Zulfiqar, Re/Max Space Center, [email protected], 832-932-5435

Megan Donaldson, Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty, [email protected], 713-385-5231

Gina Castillo, White Picket Realty, [email protected], 832-704-1381

Andrea Smith, Keller Williams Premier, [email protected], 832-465-7071

Carlos Guerra, Century 21 Western Realty, [email protected], 281-245-7220

Todd Zakos, Realm Real Estate, [email protected], 281-380-2239

Jose Alamo, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 832-212-7480

Sam Farrington, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 512-923-5971

William Eng, Imagine Realty, [email protected], 713-870-0718

Eric Lagula, ReMax, [email protected], 832-344-7662

Yvette Karns, Century 21, [email protected], 281-413-3717

Sandeep Dilwali, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-873-1153

Le Nguyen, Keller Williams, [email protected], 281-907-3999

Kellie Olson, ReMax, [email protected], 409-781-6218

Cole Watkins, ReMax, [email protected], 281-785-1456

Douglas Freer, ReMax, [email protected], 832-651-4575

William Pitre, Star Realty Services, [email protected], 713-551-8761

Nicole Freer, ReMax, [email protected], 832-236-6438

Dorothy Yee, ReMax, [email protected], 713-826-2373

Joanna Miller, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-744-8007

Gabriela DeLaTorre, United, [email protected], 920-375-0236

Kesia Sutherland, United, [email protected], 713-927-9772

Rachel Clark, Keller Williams, [email protected], 512-775-4345

Ester Fuentes, Amerisource Realty, [email protected], 832-497-7141

Raquel Medina, JLA Realty, [email protected], 832-729-7980

Natalie Villaquiran, ReMax, [email protected], 832-878-1456

Karen Arbelaez, ReMax, [email protected], 832-545-3761

Trecia Ricks, Century 21, [email protected], 832-657-5201

Karina Paulino, Realm, [email protected], 832-600-0217

Bob Butinski, Century 21, [email protected], 281-770-8380

Joseph Gorczyca, JAG Real Estate, [email protected], 281-814-8934

Julie Sawyer, ReMax Grand, [email protected], 713-306-5399

Wendy Cline, Wendy Cline Properties, [email protected], 281-858-3429

Candice Eaton, Intero Real Estate Services, [email protected], 713-205-3824

Jason Muse, JM Properties, [email protected], 832-661-4253

Jonathan Hance, Wendy Cline Properties, [email protected], 832-377-8757

Jennifer Lofton, Wendy Cline Properties, [email protected], 713-417-5615

Ludmila Luman, Walzel Properties, [email protected], 832-279-8907

Jacob Joseph, JJ Real Estate Matters, [email protected], 281-948-1333

Darin McShane, Realty Solution, [email protected], 832-785-9974

Maria Bonjour, Home Team Realty, [email protected], 281-630-6422

Reco Miller, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-276-4707

Benny Lopez, PowerHouse Properties, [email protected], 832-752-6537

Brenda Moore, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 713-530-7959

Vicki Head, Top Rope Realty, [email protected], 979-429-0404

Jennifer Bucklew, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-793-5402

Amber Murrell, ReMax, [email protected], 979-379-0499

Jean Antoine, KW Premier, [email protected], 713-589-8424

Michael Sifuentes, ReMax, [email protected], 832-453-9726

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Linda Harris, Realm Real Estate, [email protected], 713-447-7717

Nelly Schmidt, Realty Associates, [email protected], 832-643-6624

Matt Dunne, ReMax, [email protected], 832-759-7260

May Abrar, Realm Real Estate, [email protected], 713-894-7979

Judy Hans, ReMax, [email protected], 832-603-1052

Lee Smalley, Keller Williams, [email protected], 832-599-5524

Sihem Idrissou, KW Premier, [email protected], 713-775-7176

Sherwannia Cotton, N/A, N/A, 281-451-0875

Betty Currie, KW Premier, [email protected], 818-384-4215

Tiffany Minor, KW Premier, [email protected], 713-899-1099

Richard Talerico, Texas Star Realty, [email protected], 713-875-4388

Andrea Johnson, Pogi Realty, [email protected], 210-393-7923

Karol Kelly, Champions Real Estate Group, [email protected], 281-701-7126

Susan Collins, The Listing Firm, [email protected], 713-582-2255

Jenifer Somich, RE/Max Space Center, [email protected], 713-504-1767

Debra Abshire, Realty Pros, [email protected], 281-398-6060

Guilma Zacarias, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-870-0000

Nita Chauhan, Re/Max Grand, [email protected], 832-368-1849

Cory Rickel, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 713-458-0100

Catherine Navarro, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 281-870-0000

Maggie Diaz, Realty Associate, [email protected], 832-614-6197

Adriana Seuffert, Realm Professionals, [email protected], 281-684-0187

Kim Dorcheus, Coldwell Banker, [email protected], 281-579-2300

Lusell Mata, Realty Associates, [email protected], 281-515-8572

Fredy Penaranda, Re/Max Real Estate Associates, [email protected], 832-696-3031

Brenda Campbell, Re/Max Grand, [email protected], 713-392-9686

Rafael Restrepo, Realm Real Estate Professionals, [email protected], 832-886-8169

Jose Alves, Keller Williams Memorial, [email protected], 832-766-4366

Jenifer Somich, Re/Max Space Center-Clear Lake, [email protected], 713-504-1767

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