About Katy

You'll love Katy. The old town heritage is still alive, but new ideas, businesses and families are growing and thriving in our town! 

The History:

Originally named after the creek that runs through the town’s wind-swept prairie, Katy, Texas began as a simple settlement in 1872 known as Cane Island.

Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad at Cane IslandSoon thereafter, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad came to town and Cane Island’s horizons were broadened considerably. Drawn by the ample farmland, more and more people began settling in the Cane Island area. A township began to grow and with the establishment of the town’s first post office, the name was officially changed to Katy when it formally incorporated in 1945.

Katy became a vital hub for rail and rice farming. It is also where the counties of Harris, Waller and Fort Bend meet, further expanding its importance. Through continued prosperity and growth, Katy is now a sparkling gem of small town charm just west of Houston.


Today Katy boasts everything you could ever want in a community including warm and friendly residents and one of the state’s top school districts. Nearby are a variety of restaurants and shopping, and easy access to the Houston Energy Corridor and downtown Houston. Check out the City's website here for news, updates, events and more!