Say Hi to Hub.

Reared from a long line of prominent diplomatic pooches, Hub, though only a pup at the time, distinguished himself truly as a breed apart when it came to spreading happiness and good will. The founders of Cane Island saw this and decided he’d be the perfect furry face of the community.

And so, after some deliberation (and a few doggie treats) Hub was officially appointed to the prestigious post of Cane Island Ambassador. 

Hub (so named for Katy’s historical prominence in rail, rice farming and counties) is not only cute; he’s a happy wave “hello.” He’s smiles and laughter. Hub is fun, excitement, happiness and contentment. Hub is warm and wonderful. He’s the living embodiment of the spirited life you’ll find here at Cane Island and chief among his many duties is welcoming new neighbors. 

Hub can be seen on his daily walks, runs or friendly visits throughout the year. Stop by the Mobile Amenity Center today for a complete schedule and be sure to shake paws with Cane Island’s most lovable resident.

Cane Island Canine Ambassador

Hub - The Cane Island Canine Ambassador

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