Hub's FAQs

As the official Ambassador, I know the ins and outs of Cane Island and am here to help you learn about the community—by providing  you with some of my most frequently asked questions! 

Hub, who are you?

I am a pure bred, Texas born and raised, handsome golden retriever. I am also the Ambassador of Cane Island, an appointed position that has several very important duties such as: 

  • Looking good
  • ​Representing Cane Island at special events inside and outside the community
  • Hosting the annual Cane Island Ambassador’s Gala
  • ​Inviting Cane Island residents (dignitaries) to spend the night in my exclusive Ambassador’s Suite

Please come out and introduce yourself. I’m usually at the Amenity Village, inside the Cane Island Welcome Center

What will I find inside the Amenity Village?

Most importantly, you are likely to find me. Yes, your ambassador spends a lot of time inside the Village. I call this the Village for good reason. This is the heartbeat of the Cane Island community. It’s where all the action takes place.

1.  Two Story Welcome Center

  • Usually the best place to find me working on important ambassador duties

2.   Two Story Fitness Center

  • 24hr key fob access
  • State-of-the-art cardio machines, free weights, showers and day lockers
  • Private and semi-private trainers available for an additional fee

3.   Yoga Studio

  • Yoga, Daily Burn, Zumba, Gaiam, Induro Cycling, etc. etc. etc.
  • Fitness-on-Demand delivers over 150  fitness classes from a drop down projection screen
  • Prescheduled classes as well as several “open” sessions
  • A tranquil setting adjacent to the lap pool

4.    Aquatics

  • Lap Pool
  • Family Pool with cabanas and views of the lake
  • Splash Pad (including the drenching bucket!)

5.   Multi-Purpose Room

  • Full kitchen, bar, and lots of indoor and outdoor seating accommodations
  • Enjoy a beverage in front of the fireplace on the covered second story loft
  • We host our own special events here, but it is available for private use as well

6.   Cane Island Café

  • Coming soon! Great place to pick up something fast and delicious while you’re enjoying a concert or movie at the Amenity Village

7.  Tree House

  • Multi-level, open air tree house platform 
  • A unique place to take in the views or whatever show might be happening on the Amphitheater Lawn below 

8.   Amphitheater Lawn

  • Set out a blanket under the 50-year old oak trees and enjoy a concert, movie under the stars or just some quiet time with friends and family

9.   Cane Island Conservatory

  • Beautifully planted, glass conservatory. Great for relaxing, meeting up for special occasions and intimate community events

Tell me more about your Ambassador’s Suite.

My luxury suite is elevated high above the Amenity Village lawn. It rests on top of the Café, adjacent to the lake. If you happen to receive an invitation from me, you can access it via the Treehouse bridge. I love to sit on the oversized deck and take in whatever activities are happening below on the Amphitheater Lawn.  As Ambassador, I am often traveling to exotic, faraway lands. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for me to invite Cane Island residents (dignitaries) to spend the night in this one-of-a-kind suite. Of course, if you’re invited, you not only stay for free, but I will also take care of your meals.  

Hub, I want to take a peek into your suite. How do I arrange that?

OK. I want to be sensitive here. As Ambassador, I don’t like to tell my people no, but… well… NO! Think of my suite as Cinderella’s castle inside Disneyland. You can walk by it, but only Cinderella can invite you to spend the night. My suggestion would be to come to the Cane Island Welcome Center and speak with a hostess. Let her know what special occasion you’re celebrating and when. They will share the details with me and if a) I’m impressed, and b) I’m not using my suite that night, I may just surprise you and your family by showing up at your home with the key.

Hub, I drove by Friday night and noticed all the entrance lake fountains where bright red – why?

Welcome to Katy Texas, home of the Katy Tigers! We are proud of their amazing accomplishment of eight state high school football championships. One small way that we show our support is to light all seven of the 30-foot-tall fountains Katy Tigers Red on game day.

  • July fourth – I will flip the switch to red, white and blue
  • Halloween – I will likely order up some creepy orange color
  • Wedding inside the Conservatory? – Safe to say, I will go with whatever the bride’s colors are
  • Other Holidays / special events – I think you get where I’m going here.  I will match the Fountain lighting with the occasion.

I love the unique living arches – tell me more about them.

The Living Arches were my idea. I wanted a truly unique entrance feature to “announce” the fact that you are in a truly unique community. This one-of-a-kind, drive-through sculpture is made up of several steel arches. Look closer and you will see that the arches support an extensive network of steel vines and glass leaves. During the day, hundreds of live plants, draping the entire sculpture, take center stage. At night, thousands of LED custom lights illuminate the hundreds of glass leaves. And just like the fountains, the leaf light show can be changed to reflect the season. It was pretty wild at Christmas time. I went with a high tempo, red, blue and green theme. Have you noticed that the lights sometimes change as soon as you enter – again… as I recall, that was my idea too.

Does Cane Island have lakes?

Of course.  In fact, the hostesses have a hard time of keeping me out of the Amenity Village Lake. All the Cane Island lakes are stocked with largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill.  Catch-and-release fishing is permitted. We will even host an annual fishing day event full of instruction, tips and contests.  Recently, I heard (actually started) a rumor about the strong probability that a professional Captain and fisherman is buying a home here.  I plan on asking him to help organize a fishing club for us. Although swimming is not permitted, exploring the lakes on a kayak is one of my favorite Cane Island pastimes.

Which is your favorite trail to walk?

Cane Island has miles of trails and its vast network will continue to expand as the community grows. I prefer the Cane Island Parkway route. I usually start at my Ambassador Suite in the Amenity Village,  travel south along the hundreds of mature trees along Cane Island Parkway, pass under the Living Arches, give a shout out to the elk living next to Cane Island and turn around at the Entrance Lake.

Will you be adding additional parks and play areas in the future?

Yes! Currently we have our largest family recreation center – The Amenity Village – completed. Additionally, our first mini park on Tonkawa is now open. The play equipment at this mini park is primarily suited for children aged 5 through 12. I will be instructing my design team to add additional mini parks in future phases.

Ok, Hub, I’m impressed with everything you built, but I need details. How do I find out specifically what and when all these activities take place?

Assuming you speak golden retriever, you can just come by and ask me. If you don’t, you still have several options:

1. Activities for residents as well as anyone who would like to come join us:

  • Cane Island Calendar of Events 
  • Stop by the Welcome Center and meet Maddy, my new best friend! She is our full-time, on-site Lifestyle Coordinator who loves organizing fun events for our residents! We have fun stuff happening all the time!
  • Join the interest list and we will email you monthly updates

2.  Activities reserved for Cane Island Residents

  • Log Into TownSquare, our community communication portal, and take a look at the calendar
  • The Fitness-on-Demand Schedule can also be found on TownSquare or inside the Fitness Center 

Hub, I saw an article about you in a magazine. What’s it like to live in Katy?

“You’ll love Katy” is the City’s official tagline, and for good reason. Katy has all the charm of a friendly small town combined with all the benefits of the big city very close to home. Here are my top five City of Katy benefits:

#5 Downtown Redevelopment. The New Katy City Hall is now open! This will become the cornerstone of downtown redevelopment. The old City Hall, across the street, has been removed and repurposed into a new park that will include a fountain, stage and amphitheater.

#4 The Boardwalk. Located adjacent to the Katy Mills Mall, the Boardwalk is scheduled to be open in 2017. This lush attraction will include an 89-acre nature park, large lake, several new retail shops, restaurant row and a handful of hotels. Additionally, Typhoon Texas, an awesome family entertainment waterpark, is now open!

#3 Katy Public Safety. Katy takes safety seriously. Their police and fire departments have one of the best response time averages. On a personal note, the fire station on Avenue D has an adorable Dalmatian named Katy – we’re not dating anymore but have stayed very good friends. 

#2 Katy ISD. Cane Island Residents will attend one of the most sought after school districts in all of Texas. Cane Island High School students are zoned for Katy High School (currently tied for the most state football championships). Junior High students are zoned for Katy Junior High, a top 10 Houston Metro School, and elementary students are zoned for Katy Elementary, the #1 rated Houston Metro area elementary school. We have not received the date yet, but eventually, Katy ISD will have an elementary school located inside Cane Island. I will keep you posted on when this new school will start construction.

#1 A Three-Way Tie. I’m only two, so I’m still getting to know all things Katy – but I’m going with a three- way tie. No Label Brewery (they tell me the Ridgeback Ale is fantastic), the great personal service at Katy Hardware and the Chicken Pot Pies at Katy’s Tea Parlor. 

I choose Cane Island because it is such an easy commute to the energy corridor. Can you help us set up a carpool?

Absolutely. In fact, we have already created the service. Rise Communities (developer of Cane Island) has an exclusive partnership with MetroStar. We have a luxury, Cane Island / MetroStar branded van that will be dedicated to Cane Island residents heading to the Energy Corridor or perhaps the West Houston Hospital Campus. Soon you can be enjoying all the benefits of sharing a ride with neighbors while helping the planet at the same time.

Hub, do you know when TxDot will open the new Cane Island off-ramp and complete the new Cane Island interchange at Highway 90?

Unfortunately, I am only the ambassador of Cane Island so I cannot officially speak for my friends at TxDOT. However, based on my most recent conversation with them, they said the construction on the Highway 90 interchange has started! In the meantime, please use the detour outlined on our website.